Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monster Eggs!

Get some plastic easter eggs.
Generally, when working with plastic, I sand the hell out of the surface.
In this project I skipped this step on purpose.
Using caution and proper safety hot glue some "veins" on the egg halves.

Put down a base coat. Krylon fusion spray paints for plastic are my weapon of choice.
Apply primary color scheme. Add details. Dry brush with a lighter mix of the primary color.

You will see small areas where the plastic is showing through. That's what happens when you don't sand plastic and don't use a good plastic paint primer. However, in this case I wanted small areas of the plastic to show through.

Next, I put a balloon LED inside the eggs.

These little beauties are very handy. You can find them at most party stores. So if you need an enexpensive flasing light, you can't really beat these.

Put them on stand or in a jar and set them in a low light or dark area.
To go the extra mile, rig a UV LED light and fill the jar with highlighter fluid or other UV reactive liquids. Of course, you will need to make the egg water tight. That will make changing the battery a pain but it's worth it for a very neat effect.
As always, use safety gear and caution when using hot glue and working with chemicals.
Please don't put these in your mouth.

So what's the deal with Assemblage Art?

It's making a three-dimensional artistic piece from putting together found objects.
I use a combination of mediums and crafts such as sculpting, leather working and electronics.
Most of my recent projects have been props and costume accessories but I draw a lot of inspiration from assemblage techniques.